Oblong (Capsicum, Brinjal, Cucumber, Carrot etc.)

Model - Feeding Elevator

In feeding elevator the products are dumped manually on the hopper. The hopper is designed in such a way that all the load of the products gets centralized at the entrance of the belt. The belt elevates the products to the required height.

Model Capacity
FE 2 2-2.5 TPH
FE 4 3-4 TPH
FE 5 5 TPH
FE 10 10 TPH

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Model - Sorting Table

Sorting table consists of PVC rollers. The products will be dumped onto the rollers by elevator which will be conveyed forward with the help of the rollers. On the sorting section, rollers will move on their own axis & at the same time shall move forward. The workers standing on both sides of the machine will sort out the damaged or rotten products and will take such products out of the conveyor. Suitable spout is provided for the easy removal f rotten products.

Model Capacity
SRT 2 2-2.5 TPH
SRT 5 4-5 TPH
SRT 10 10 TPH

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Model - Lift Roller Sizer

It is used for accurate Diametric Sorting of a number of produces like mango and many more. The machine is composed of two different roller beds. One bed is fixed while another bed is changing its position during operation to change the gap between the two beds. Grading size can be easily adjusted with the help of ergonomically designed handles fitted on the machine at each outlet. Contact parts are made of food grade material & structure of mild steel

Model Capacity
LRS 10C 10 TPH

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Model - Length Grader

It is used for lengthwise garding of vegetables like carrot, radish, cucumber and lady fingers. Length adjustment is available in the machine.

Model Capacity

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Oblong Vegetables Grading Line


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