Mini Dal Mill

Capacity- 100-150 kg/hr

Advantage and Special Feature of Mini dal mill

  • Suitable for processing of all types of pulses

  • Easy to operate

  • Operates by electric motor / PTO operated.

  • Recovery of head pulses - 78% to 80% Recovery of broken - 2 to 5 %

  • De husks and splits all pulses with high nutritive value.

  • Special provision for bengal gram (Chana, chickpeas) by emery roll for dehusking and splitting.

  • Pollution free operation

  • Compact size

Technical Specifications:

Cleaning and Grading: This unit consists of a vibratory inclined sieve with hopper. Grain can be collected by discharge chute with good, undersize, oversize grains. The vibratory sieves are providing with different sieve size holes to match the requirements of the type of dal being process. The vibrations are inducing by a cam-operated link, which is mounted on a motor driven shaft.

Pitting of Dal: An emery roller machine is used for cracking the husk layer and scratching of clean pulses passing through it. This is done for loosening the husk from sticking to the cotyledons in order to facilitate subsequent oil penetration in the following unit operations. Cracking and scratching of husk takes place mainly by friction between pulses and emery stone. During the operation some of the pulses are dehusked, split and remain whole which can be separated by sieving.

De-husking and Splitting of Dal: dehusking of conditioned pulse can be done in emery roll with the help of inlet feeding control valve and outlet control. In one pass about 50-75% of pulses are de husked. splitter can be spilt pulses in two halves. Dehusked split pulses are separated by sieving and the husk is aspirated off. For complete de husking and splitting the whole process is repeated two to three times for maximum recovery.

Polisher: Polisher can be use for the conditioning of scratched pulses with the help of oil. This process can be repeated 2-3 time depends upon pulses. Polisher run on common shaft arrangement.

Technical Details:

Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Motor type Three phase/ single phase
Recovery of broken pulses 2 - 5 %
Capacity 100-150 Kg. Per hr
Length 1600 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 1800 mm
Motor Power 3 HP (2.25 kW)
Material MS
Finishing PU Painted

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