Washing Sponging Waxing Section

Capacities offered - 1 TPH to 10 TPH

  • Used for washing, sponging and waxing of fruits & vegetables

  • Fitted with nylon bristle rollers for washing purpose

  • Product is let into the bristle rollers from the sorting conveyor

  • A number of fine pressurized water jets wash the tumbling and rolling fruits

  • The bristle rollers gently rub the surface of products and clean them properly

  • These fruits then pass through sponging rollers made of high absorbent sponge

  • After sponging, Liquid Edible Wax is sprayed on the products

  • Horse Hair Rollers in the machine polish the product after application of wax

  • All contact parts are fabricated from food grade materials / stainless steel

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