Millet Processing

Millets have superior nutritional properties, with high micronutrients, dietary fiber and low glycemic index, however formaking it feasible for consumption with preserved nutrients we need machines that can provide us right quality output in millet processing. Increasing the consumption of millet in India will address three different issues of malnutrition foods, increase in non-communicable diseases and availability of limited natural resources.

Millets are classified into two main categories i.e. Shelled Millets & Naked Millets, based on the outer coating present on them. There are nine different types of millets that are grown in India. Out of these nine, Sorghum (Jowar), pearl millet (Bajra) and finger millet (Ragi) fall under the category of naked millet whereas foxtail millet, small millet, barnyard millet, common millet, kodo millet and brown millet are grouped as Shelled Millets and these Shelled Millets require an additional process of de-husking for consumption.

Manual processing of millets consumes lot of time and energy, while the mechanized solution makes this process a lot easier and faster.

AGROSAW offer complete solution for processing all types of millet from minor to major (Based on Size).

From almost 40 years we served with solutions to process Seeds and Grains. With integration of that experience with our knowledge & market research of 10 years we found our-self ready to serve you with the best available automatic solution of millet processing with least human interference. Following are the different step that we integrate in a millet processing solution-

  1. Fine-Cleaning-This process tends to remove all the foreign impurities that should be segregated in order to prepare the millets for direct consumption or for further processing. Impurities like Dust, Chaff, Sticks, husk, sand, stones, mud balls, other heavy, oversized and undersized impurities shall be removed with this process. Different machines will be integrated to achieve the truly fine cleaned millet.

  2. De-husking – as depicted earlier this process especially required for Shelled Millets. This is the most crucial process as it defines the quality of final productand return on investment. Agrosaw provide the millet dehusker which is capable to remove husk from millet up to 80% in a single pass. The removed husk shall also be segregated in this process.

  3. Grading- In this process we segregate the unhusked millet, broken millet from final product. The un-husked millets will be recycled to the de-husker, while the final product will be graded on the base of its size, shape, color and aesthetics.

  4. Packing- As depicted in this process the final product will be packed as per market requirement & expectation.

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