Plant Automation

Agrosaw provides automation for individual machines as well as for complete plants.

Feed Controls & Air Controls can be operated electrically as well as through Programmable Logic controllers. These controls can be integrated in a Touch Screen /Human Machine Interface Panel reducing the need for human intervention in machine controls.

Recipe Management (Feed / Air Control combinations for different types of crops) can be achieved easily through Human Machine Interface.

Elevator Distribution Valves (2 way valve and 3 way valve) automated through Programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs) and Mimic Control Panel is also provided

The concept can be extended to full plant with SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) implementation.

Agrosaw intergrates the controls of individual machines in a given plant with Programmable Logic controller to fully automate plant operations. It also provides facility for monitoring of various parameters of machines through Human Machine Interface & SCADA.

Agrosaw provides Remote Control facility for machines/plant using RF techniques.

Machines like Automated Bagging machines, Weight based fruit grading machines & Automated bag counting machines are also available.


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