Sanjeev Sagar


The creator and CEO of Agrosaw, Sanjeev Sagar, has a specific and lofty goal for the business. By offering creative and affordable solutions to its consumers, he thinks Agrosaw may have a big impact on the post-harvest technology market.

According to Sanjeev Sagar, “Agrosaw believes that we have a responsibility to our customers to give them the finest solutions for their post-harvest difficulties. Our main goal is to provide cutting-edge technologies that will boost profitability, minimise waste, and improve production for farmers and agribusinesses.

The inspiration behind Agrosaw came from Sanjeev Sagar’s love of agriculture and desire to improve farmers’ quality of life. He genuinely believes that technology can alter the agricultural industry and make it more sustainable and successful.

Agrosaw has grown its business, branched out into new product lines, and built a global presence under his direction. Agrosaw has emerged as a market leader in the post-harvest technology sector thanks to Sanjeev Sagar’s focus on innovation, client happiness, and quality.

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